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 Universal solvent, essence of life, water is one of the basic necessities that all plants and animals require, including humans. It is also one of natures more destructive forces.

    We all take modern indoor plumbing for granted, we know that when you turn that faucet handle water will come gushing out and that if it only trickles something is wrong.

    Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that when you turn that handle off its supposed to stop running without drips. Usually those pesky dribbles start off small and work themselves up to waterfalls rivaling Niagara before we realize there is a problem.

    From a maintenance point of view, plumbing service request represent the bulk of our workload, sometimes in a hidden way.

    Its easy to assume that a leaky faucet or valve is a simple repair job and usually it is. The time consuming work is repairing the damaged countertop and cabinet, floor tile and sub floor, plaster or drywall that rotted, warped or washed away one small drop at a time.

    So when you see that slowly dripping faucet or a little puddle under the sink, don't think of it as a minor inconvinience, think of it as a chance to spend a little now and save a lot of money and headache later.

So by now you probably get the point, water is both essential to life and
one of the most ruinous forces known to materials like wood, drywall and plaster.

    The best way to save yourself the time and expense needed to replace water damaged materials is
to simply notice and repair those minor leaks, before they become major projects!
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