What Causes Water Damage

In the interest of public service we present to you some of the failures that allow water leaks that damage your beautiful home.


Starting from the roof top, failed flashing around plumbing vent stacks is very common.
If your roofing is more than 10 years old the rubber gasket that forms the seal is likely starting to crack.
The primary indication of this problem shows itself as a dark spot or flaking paint in the ceiling or wall above the toilet.
Usually there is a relatively easy rooftop fix that makes a new seal without having to rip up the roof.
Most people seem more concerned about the finish appearance inside than the long term effects of hidden decay.
It is necessary to use a stain killing primer paint if you want to eliminate the dark spot in the paint finish.
Dark stained wallpaper?  Sorry about your luck. Maybe it is time for a border paper.

Another common area of intrusion is around fireplace chimney flashing, because of the complexity of the geometry involved in deflecting rain and snow from several plane surfaces comprised of multiple materials intersecting at angles that are not always friendly to ladders, roofers and the force of gravity. Bad mortar joints in brick chimneys and neglected "stick built" chases can also create opportunity for intrusion.

Eaves trough and downspouts problems are a very common cause for water stain and wallpaper problems, these systems can also create problems in the basement when not arranged to shed rainwater away from the foundation.

Lower level of multistory homes and single story dwellings

Congratulations! You have all the possibilities from above plus a few more. In addition to what Mother Nature tries to throw at you, try these on for size.

Leaking valves and supply lines to toilets and faucets. Obvious to the naked eye and touch of the hand these problems are usually kind of easy to fix, provided you have the tools, know the techniques and where to find the parts needed.

Tub and shower leaks, here is where the experienced plumber is worth their weight in gold.
The possibilities are many, usually the cause is from wear and tear on the mixer valve or bad caulking.

Another big problem is tub and sink drain assemblies with old fashioned plumbers putty used where silicone caulk should be.
The composite materials in the cultured marble sink or fiberglass tub are not compatible with the solvent base of plumbers putty and failure - leakage is inevitable.
Unfortunately most people wait too long to correct the mistake and have to replace the whole sink top because of the damage around the drain.
The fiberglass is more forgiving, some discoloration may have occurred, but resealing with the right stuff usually works to cure leakage.
This is very common in the suburbs of Toledo, Sylvania, Holland, Perrysburg, Maumee.

Toilets, Bidets. The laws of physics rule here in a variety of complex ways. These things usually have the greatest pounds per square foot footprint on the floor, shouldn't move, should hold water and drain waste without leaking. This means that it should be solidly mounted to the floor, the tank has to be watertight and securely attached to the stool. There are no shortcuts to making a good installation, the best way to insure a good seal is through time honored technique and adherence to the instructions provided with every new toilet. Just caulking it at the floor is not enough to stop leaks. This problem exists everywhere.

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