Allow Me to Vent!

Yes sometimes we all get steamed about something and for me that issue is the confusion associated with venting.
Most people do not realize that there are several vent systems with differing types of material used in every home. Heating and air conditioning ducts are what most people think of first, then clothes dryers or range hoods and some remember about the exhaust fans in their bathroom. Few people consider combustion venting for gas appliances like water heaters, furnaces or boilers. Each of these systems require separate and sometimes unique products to accomplish the job. Add to this the fact that building standards have changed and some materials that were once OK are not acceptable now and presto! instant confusion on most peoples part about what works where.


One of our most common vent services involves cleaning out existing dryer ducts, see the before and after pictures to get an idea of the difference. This represents about 15 years worth of accumulation, the 20 feet of duct with a few flex bends had enough wet stuff to fill an average office trash can. You know it's time when it takes two cycles to get clothes dry or your dryer feels much hotter than usual.

  Another common repair we make with venting is to replace plastic dryer vent with aluminized flex, semi rigid or hard pipe. We never screw up dryer venting!
(We seal every joint with high temperature aluminized tape, no lint leaks!)
Another common request is to replace torn or non existent bathroom exhaust vent flex pipe.
(We use insulated flexible stuff, less condensation forms inside the hose.)
We have suppliers who can provide a replacement motor, fan blade or cover for almost any kind of vent or fan.
A word of advice from the handyman, when bathing or showering, turn the vent fan on and
 let it run for 10 minutes or so after you turn off the shower or drain the tub.

A very real concern is moisture damage from inoperative fans or
ducting that does not terminate properly.
Be sure you know where it goes before it blows. :)

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