What we do not do...

Just as defining as a list of what we do, is a list of what we do not do.
After carefully considering the list of search queries that brought internet surfers to our website,
a list of activities that you are not going to find us doing was created.

We DO NOT fix flat tires, or sell wheels of any kind.
We DO NOT perform automotive repair services.
We DO NOT operate any sort of mobile educational vehicles.
We DO NOT have any early child development programs
We DO NOT do business in Australia.(YET)
We DO NOT do business in Europe. (YET)

We do not harbor any ill will toward those who do, and wish them the best of luck at future success.

There are some other things that we probably won't do either, here is a short list of forbidden practices

We WILL NOT get your floor dirty.
We WILL NOT charge you for parts you do not need or work that is incomplete.
We WILL NOT require payment up front except for very limited circumstances.
We WILL NOT reroof your house.
We WILL NOT install carpeting.
We WILL NOT build additions or install new skylights.
We WILL NOT replace all the windows in your house.
We WILL NOT service boilers or refrigerated equipment.
We WILL NOT make you regret that you called the WORKSHOP ON WHEELS team for help.

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