Size Matters

  As a rule, we don't joke about tape measures,
but more than anything else, size matters most.

Oh sure color, style, finish, texture, cost, warranty, etc. are all important too
but rare indeed is the job that doesn't start with a measurement of some sort.

Many people think that all building products come in standard sizes (most do)
only to realize that they should have measured the old thing  (whatever it is)
before they headed out for the appliance store, hardware store or lumber yard.

You may get lucky and happen to find the right thing without a problem,
but chances are that you would be better off measuring carefully,
making a drawing of some sort and/or taking a picture with your cell phone camera.

When in doubt you should call the place where you are going to make your purchase and ask them what to measure for.
If they are not willing to be helpful,
 or do not know the answers right away,
 your job is too important to trust to amateurs


Or you could skip all that worry and call The WOW TEAM.

An expert craftsman will know right away what is wrong and what needs to be done.

When you need help call 1-877-969-8326

Remember 1-877 WOW TEAM

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