What matters the most...

Our safety motto,
 "Do no harm to yourself or others"

Safety Creed


            That every man bears the unalterable responsibility for keeping out of harm's way. This he owes to himself, his family, his co- workers and his job.

            That no man lives or works entirely alone. He is involved with all men, touched by their accomplishments, marked by their failures.
            If he fails the man beside him, he fails himself, and will share the burden of that loss.
            The true horror of an accident is the realization that a man has failed himself - and more - that his co-workers have failed him.

            That accidents are conceived in improper attitudes, and borne in moments of action without thought.
            They will cease to be only when the proper attitude is strong enough to precede the act - when the right attitude creates the awareness that controls the act.

            That the prevention of accidents is an objective which crosses all levels of rank, organization and procedure.

            That freedom from harm is not a privilege but a goal to be achieved and perpetuated day by day.

            That the elimination of injury and pain through accidents is a moral obligation upon which the final measure of our performance directly depends.

        -American Society of Safety Engineers

Call for more details if your organization requires certificates on file.

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