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This is a questionnaire you should answer before you decide to install a disposal in your kitchen sink.

       Is this disposal     New _____     A replacement _____
     An exact same replacement is usually easy to do, a new install  is much harder.

       Do you have         Sanitary sewer _____    Septic system _____
           Some local codes do not allow installation, depending on your drain system.

       Do you have         Single bowl sink _____    Two or more bowls _____
         A single bowl setup is very easy to make connections to (usually).

     What is your sink made of?    Stainless  _____ Cast iron _____ Composite _____
      Choose your sealant carefully, we like clear silicone caulk.

     Do you have a dishwasher?        Yes _____    No _____
      Disposals have an inlet port to drain dishwasher waste. (Be sure to remove the knockout plug)

       Are your drains working properly?    Yes _____    No _____
          Slow drains or clogged systems are headaches waiting to happen.

     Are the other drain parts in good condition?     Yes _____    No _____
        Disposals vibrate weak parts apart, now is the time to replace worn out components.

       Do you have room for the disposal?        Yes _____    No _____
         Depending on the unit size, drain height, plumbing runs, faucet connections etc.

        How is (will) your disposal (be) wired?        Hard wire _____    Plug on cord _____
        You may have to upgrade your hard wire connection if not on a grounded plug arrangement.

     What style of disposal do you plan to get?  _______________
        This handyman recommends the type that allows for a hex shaped wrench (included with unit) to be inserted in the bottom to manually reverse the    impellers for foreign object removal. Other good features include non-rusting interior parts and sound deadening housings.

     Do you really think that you can stuff all those potato peelings down there?
        You will end up paying for drain cleaning service if you do not remove the handful of peelings that you can toss into the garbage or compost and use LOTS of cold water.

     Will some ice followed by a lemon or orange really help my disposal smell better?
      Yes the ice hardens the grease, grinds it off the interior and washes it away. Then the citric acids dissolve crusted stuff and deodorizes the drain.

    What do you do with all those potato peelings?
You should see what "Dirty Deeds" I am capable of, it may change the way you think.  

    What is the best way to get my disposal installed?

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