The Trouble with Ceiling Fans page.

We install an awful lot of ceiling fans. We replace a lot of awful ceiling fan installations.
 This is a job where experience, know how and attention to detail really pays off.

And it helps to have a hardware store in the driveway.

If you want to tackle the job yourself, be sure to read
the problem remedies checklist before you start.
Of course the smart and easy thing to do is call the WOWTEAM before things go wrong.

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General tips and hints

        ___ Read the directions first not last.

        ___ Save the instructions, packing and box for a few months of operation.
                            For returns you need this stuff.

        ___ A little thread locking compound helps ensure that screws stay tight.
                          Get the removable type. You may want to remove the fan someday!

        ___ The black wire is for the fan motor, blue for the light kit, white is nuetral,
                green is ground. Sometimes the black and blue are wired together.

        ___ Do not try to use a light dimmer as a speed controller.
                            They look the same but are different, can damage fan motor.

        ___ A special oversize mounting bracket may be nessesary on a sloped ceiling.

        ___ It is better to make each connection tight and right the first time
                        than to go back to fix it later or agonize over balancing.

                Make sure all hardware is tight including each of the following;

        ___ Lock washers on mounting bracket to  UL approved box.
                            You should not break through the plaster or drywall ceiling though.

        ___ Set screw and lock nut on coupler to ball and rod to fan end.

        ___ Light kit to fan canopy. Use the lock washer and nut provided.

       ___ Fan blade to arm screws and arm to fan motor screws.
                       Do not lose or substitute those lockwashers, they must match each other.

            Fan Won't Run

        ___  Make sure power is on at switch and panel.
                            Mark the circuit inside the switch cover and panel label.

        ___ Make sure that all wire connections are tight.
                            Check those wire nuts. Use the type with a metal spring inside.

        ___ Make sure the quick disconnect block terminals wire colors all match and mate..
                            This piece is on the bottom of the fan and usually contains switches.

        ___ Make sure the forward / reverse switch is not stuck in between positions.
                            It happens. Count your blessings, NO TOOLS NEEDED.

        ___ Remove the rubber shipping snubbers
                 DANGER!     ALL these screws must be removed before fan operation.

               Fan Noisy

        ___ Humming noise from speed controller or fan and light itself.
                            Get a better controller (not a dimmer) or better (different brand) bulbs.

        ___ Buzzing, rattling glass light globe(s). Loose screws on light kit.
                            Use wide rubber bands around lens neck for screw tip to press against.

        ___ Ticking is usually blade to arm screws loose or loose arm to fan screws.
                            Scrapefresh sticky paint off the ceiling under the mounting bracket.

        ___ Scraping is usually an off center motor rubbing on the canopy.
                            Check those screw alignments.

              Loose / Wobbling

        ___ Mount fan bracket to a UL approved box, use lock washers provided.
                            Most ceiling light boxes are not rated for fan support.

        ___ The ball must be properly seated in the mounting bracket.
                            Just line up the tab and groove in the ball.

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