Kitchen, Complete.

old view westnew view west

This is a "Before and After" series of a complete kitchen makeover that included all new cabinets, extending the drywall soffit to accommodate the additional cabinets, relocating the ceiling fan, adding new ceiling light canisters, replacing the sink, designing a new countertop, installing flooring and all necessary trim.

old view
              northnew view north

These images above show the extra few inches that the microwave was raised created a clean unbroken line of sight along the bottom of the wall cabinets. The observant viewer will detect under-the-cabinet L.E.D. task lights. It is hard to miss the paint color change.

new view eastDSCN1712.JPG
     There were no cabinets on this wall, this configuration required the extension of the heating vent, relocation of the phone, cable tv and network cables, installation of L.E.D. rope lighting in the display cabinets and replacement of the raised door panels with glass inserts, (not shown). What is shown is the double pantry cabinets with roll out adjustable shelves that allow for easy storage and selection. Also Not Shown is the AM FM CD player that controls the audio to the speakers on either side of the HDTV/PC monitor,the wireless keyboard and mouse, and the netbook tying it all in together, hiding inside the left end base cabinet. The cut corner base cabinet and countertop eases traffic flow through the doorway.
     This homeowner can enjoy broadcast and cable programming as well as netflix on demand and any other internet browsing with a very modest investment in equipment.
      What the cook loved the most was having her pot rack hung close by, but out of the way.

New view south
The cabinet handles on the right side are the pull out fronts
for sink accessories, and the pull out drawer for trash can.
Having those close and covered make for a sharp look to a very functional room.
The cabinets that were on the far wall are now in the garage.

old garage storagenewgarage
This project was completed on time, within the budget and even included an extra detail,
some of the old cabinets were reinstalled in the garage, freshening up the looks there
and improving the storage of rarely used stuff that otherwise gets dusty, now stays clean(er).

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